Gopher:// browser
for modern versions Windows
by Roman production


Let's return to Gopher!

Kmeleon Gopher Browser:
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Goal of the project

This page was created because many of my colleagues were unable to get in GopherSpace without troubles. And this page is made especially for them.

What is it?

This page contains an upgraded Kmeleon 76.5 browser for surfing in GopherSpace. This modernized portable version of 2024 for all modern version of Windows, updated to work with modern sites (TLS 1.3), was taken from the RTFreeSoft project. Old Gopher protocol plugin taken from Floodgap. Thus, I paired the old plugin for the Gopher:// protocol with modern versions of Windows. And all you have to do is just download the archive, unpack it and start working with Gopher:// protocol.

What is Gopher?

The Gopher Internet protocol is a simple, text-based protocol for distributing, searching, and retrieving documents over the Internet. It was developed in the early 1990s as a means to navigate servers and access documents in a hierarchical manner. Gopher operates on a client-server model, where clients request information from Gopher servers by specifying the server address and document location. Gopher's structure is based on menus and items, making it easy to navigate through directories and access the desired content.

Experience of use

Modern Gopher:// projects contain a lot of unique content, have a lot of scripts and are available from many different platforms. Here is just a small list of Gopher browsers that you can download from my Gopher:// page. For Windows XP - 11 you can use my modern 2024 browser Kmeleon Gopher Browser. For Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP just use other my browsers builds Seamonkey 1.1.19 or Kmeleon 1.5.4 with SSL/TLS 1.3 support! Also you can use for all Windows NT series native Gopher browsers: Gopherus, Little Gopher. However, remember that native gopher browsers cannot view HTML documents! Also worth mentioning are Gopher text browsers for DOS/Windows 9x: Lynx for DOS and Lynx for Win32. You can even use Internet Explorer to view Gopher up to version 6.0. But the quality of this viewing will be questionable.

What to choose?

It all depends on what goals you set for yourself. Modern Gopher:// has come a long way compared to 1991. Many Gopher:// projects use complex scripts that are not inferior to its competitor HTTP:// in terms of execution complexity. Also, for example, Kmeleon Gopher Browser supports all text encodings from Cyrillic to Japanese hieroglyphs. Thus, I will recommend using full-fledged browsers that support the Gopher:// protocol rather than native text clients that cannot open HTML and images. Because of this, surfing Gopher:// sites turns into dubious pleasure. But who knows, maybe you are looking for the good old text...

Where should I go in Gopher?

In the browser for modern versions of Windows that you downloaded from this site, there is a bookmarks section. There I posted links to popular search engines using the Gopher:// protocol, as well as link directories. Like HTTP://, Gopher:// has its own Google, Yahoo, Dmoz, and so on. This is a full-fledged modern live network, hidden from the eyes of most owners of modern computers and smartphones.The beauty of Gopher:// is its simplicity. Over these decades, it has hardly changed. This means that you not only find yourself through the looking glass of the Internet, but also rewind time. You will be surprised how many strange and interesting places you will find in this looking glass.Welcome back to the Gopher!

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